With all the hype surrounding WWE’s Women’s Revolution, there’s a lot of focus on the ladies these days that, prior to this, just didn’t exist. 

There have been many articles written about women, past and present, focusing on women that have glorified the squared circle. But in this post I want to look at some of the women that didn’t really get the chance in WWE. The ones who may have made a mark, but fell very short.

Eva Marie

Being WWE’s most recent release and the name on everyone’s lips right now, let’s start with Eva Marie. Brought in to be a star of E’s Total Divas, Eva was thrust into the spotlight very quickly. The only problem was…she couldn’t wrestle. While Eva’s fame grew, her in-ring skills continued to develop at a snails pace. The reason Eva makes this list is that the term, “Eva Marie Heat,” exists for a reason: Nobody gets booed like Eva. Just when WWE finally harnessed that hatred into a gimmick of perfection, Eva vanished. Sad to see her go, All Red Everything really could have brought something to WWE if she had a bit more time.


Maxine was brought into WWE through NXT…and no, not the good NXT. Maxine came in as a contestant for the all Divas season of NXT back when it was more reality game show than a third brand. With competitors like Naomi and Aj Lee rivaling her, it’s easy to see how she might fade to the background. She didn’t. Maxine might not of had the greatest wrestling skill set, but she had enough charisma to make one hell of a character. Safe to say she could have turned heads if WWE had brought her to RAW or Smackdown.


Here’s a name you might not remember: Trinity. She stuck around WWE’s ECW long enough to play strip poker and then she was gone. Trinity was gorgeous and had in-ring skills seen from her time with TNA. Who knows what she could have been, she never really got a chance period.


Skirt Tiffany?! Speaking of TNA, here’s lady that after WWE released her, went to TNA and proved she had all it took and then some. After being ECW’s General Manager for a bit, this former Diva Search Contestant went to Smackdown where she had a pretty good run against LayCool in her only matches. Once released she went to TNA and proved that WWE letting her go was a huge mistake. Her matches with veteran Gail Kim have become nothing short of legendary.


Another recent release is former Total Divas star and Funkadactyl Cameron. Cameron really embraced her bad girl persona after turning on former partner Naomi. Impressive character skills were shown from this former Tough Enough contestant. (Melina Vs Alicia Fox anyone?) Her in-ring skills were also improving as could be seen in one of her final matches against Asuka. Cameron could have been a good cog in the Women’s Revolution, but alas was let go.


Savannah was a backstage correspondent for ECW during her TV time. I’ll never understand that one…why? Because shecan wrestle!! One of FCW’s shining stars never got to sparkle on WWE TV. Still one of the biggest shames in Diva History.


Last on the list and another TNA success story is Brooke. Reduced to battle royals and dance routines on WWE TV, Brooke proved in TNA that she could throw down with the best! (Even with a dumb last name. Tessmacher? WTF?) Brooke had many amazing TNA matches and shook off the Extreme Expose cobwebs quite nicely.
Honorable Mentions: Katie Lea, Cherry, Nidia

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