Hiya folks! So this summer is going strong as our latest stop was The North Dakota State Fair.

Now let me tell you what there is to do at the North Dakota State Fair…There was us: the dinosaur, a pig race, or you could go see the concerts at $50 a ticket. (We wanted to see Paramore so bad but we just could afford it 😫) Other than that, there was nothing. I mean there were little things, but nothing worth 10 days of “fun”.

We walked around the little booths for shopping, stayed clear of the terrifying midway rides, (They even had the same ride that smashed at the Ohio State Fair recently) and basically spent the whole time playing Pokémon GO.

The pioneer courthouse was neat. Also, I don’t listen to instructions well.

We stayed at a hotel called The Vegas, which oddly looked like a wilderness lodge on the inside. So their themeing game was confusing as hell. 

But we mostly just did nothing. Minot, ND had nothing to do, the fair was boring and the days started to feel like weeks fairly quickly.

It also didn’t help that we were in the middle of a red state. So there were confederate flags everywhere, Trump signs/crap anywhere you looked and just an overall uncomfortable vibe. So Tyler and I spent most of the trip to afraid to even hold hands. Fun 😑

Minot is soooooo not Vegas.

To wrap this part up, we’re so glad to be out of North Dakota and quite honestly look forward to never going back.

Somewhere on the road in Minnesota I think. This name is well…um…yeah

After that came a day of driving. We got towards Chicago! So we actually got to meet up with our rooomate Jared and see our apartment for a few hours! Boy it was lovely!!

While we waited for him to pick us up on the outskirts of Chicago (cause there was no way we were fitting that RV through the city) we got to make a stop by Six Flags Great America! We have passed to all the Six Flags parks so we only got to ride one ride. But The Joker was insane! Loved it!!

This ride is great and Tyler is adorable in his Eevee hat 😍😁

But after we left Chicago we drove overnight to Sandusky cause it was time for us to go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go!!!!!


I’ve always wanted to go cause I’m a huge roller coaster and theme park nut!!! I’m gonna just post pics mostly but my top three coasters were:

  1. Maverick
  2. Millennium Force
  3. Blue Streak

Maverick was nuts!!! It’s going down as one of my favorite coasters ever!! Millennium Force lived up to every bit of its hype as one of the greatest coasters in the world. And Blue Streak may be old and wooden, but Tyler and I had the best time on it and it was also the first coaster we hit in the park.

Valravn was a smooth thrill. Although I was a big overwhelmed. It broke a lot of records but still managed to feel extremely basic.
T-Rex looking like a stunner.

Tyler absolutely loves water rides and I…tolerate their existence. Of course he made me get on and of course we went right under the waterfall.

The huge hill of Top Thrill Dagster!

So favorite story from Cedar Point! Tyler hates heights, he’s petrified at the idea. Top Thrill dragster is the 2nd tallest coaster in the world. It kept breaking down all day, so we finally were able to get in line right at closing. Tyler very, very reluctantly got in line with me. We get strapped into the coaster and legit he looks like he’s lining up for his execution. The coaster launches up the hill at 120, so we pull out of the station and to the launch point. The engine sound effect revs up, Tyler look like death is coming for him, the lights start up and then all of a sudden everything goes quiet and black. The ride malfunctioned. All I hear is him start saying, “Get me off, get me off, get me off, get me off…,” I was dying. So we ended up being reversed back into the station. I didn’t get to do it, but Tyler got to live to see another day 😂😂 Hey, there’s always next time!! 😈

Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back! I loved it!!

Next and final stop is Honesdale, PA for a small county fair. We’re both not too thrilled cause it looks like another 10 days of being in rural America. But at least it’s something new! Even if it’s nothing, it’s still new.

Till next time!