I took this picture Liberty at the North Dakota State Fair. Liberty, the bald eagle, much like the flag behind her, is a symbol of freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness. 

I post this today, because I’m slowly but surely losing faith in the America that I once knew and cherished. I’m losing faith in American dignity, humanity, and above all else, I’m losing faith in the confidence that all of us are naturally kind. 

Today, our “leader” Donald Trump publicly took to Twitter to say that transgender Americans could not serve in the military. Basically saying that based on how they choose to express themselves, they could not fight for the country they love and live in. This is quite literally taking a giant dump on everything that America has ever stood for. The nation where people are suppose to be able to live freely are being punished for simply living freely.

I’ve seen many other politicians reach out and state how this isn’t what is actually happening, it’s a healthcare thing. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t, but our SITTING PRESIDENT just said this. He just openly told a portion of the population that they’re not worthy of fighting over the land he thinks he rules. 

I can get past Trump saying these things, cause I’ve come to expect that assholes are going to do and say hate fueled things just like a dog is going to bark. But what gets me is reading about the people of this country who stand by what he’s doing. People, including my own relatives who believe this monster is actually making this country better. HATE MAKES NOTHING BETTER.

When you have someone who’s sole drive is fueled by greed and financial gain, nothing will be better. Our prior leaders have said it, the greatest minds of our generation have said it, and even Jesus himself said it. Tolerance, understanding, love, and acceptance are all American values that are being chucked out the window quicker than an empty soda can on the freeway.

I’m saddened. I’m saddened by what America is becoming, how the rest of the world is viewing our country and how many people who are close to me are acting. This isn’t what I believe and this isn’t what I stand for.

I’m proud to live in a country where I can be myself and love the life I have. I don’t want to see it all wasted on the mindset of someone who’d sell me down the river without even looking me in the eye.

Spread love, not hate.