Hanging out in the gardens of the Lougheed House!

The adventures continue…Wow, my life is being summed up by the tag line to Star Tours.

We’ve been driving for the last few hours and have arrived back in the good ole USA. Currently there’s nothing but small Montana towns around us…When it’s not just fields with mountains in the background. Next stop is The North Dakota State Fair!

But let’s talk about Calgary a little bit more shall we?

Calgary is pretty much like if a small town became a big city. It has all the charm and sights of Chicago without the crazy amount of people! 🙌🏻

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know that Calgary didn’t have the best start, but boy it ended with a bang!

Our friend Keon took us around Calgary and really showed us how to live up the night life there. Between hanging with friends and seeing some incredible sights, Calgary is definitely a city worth coming back to.

This Dances With Wolves mural was one of my favorite sights in Calgary!

Getting to take in Calgary Stampede was great and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Only downside to it was that I didn’t really get time to take in the city very much. While the streets seem quiet, there was always something going on and I know I didn’t get to experience it all. Here’s hoping next time I’m in the land of the maple leaf, I’ll get a bit more exploration time.

Like I said we’re now headed into North Dakota and I have to say I’m optimistic, yet worried cause from what I can see so far, there’s not much here. But hopefully the state fair brings it’s A-Game. Set up is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to what can happen.

Till next time,