Leg one of The Summer Dinosaur Adventure is done! The Calgary Stampede has been fun, stressful and above all else something new!

For anyone that’s never heard of the Calgary Stampede, it’s one of the biggest street carnivals ever. Thousands of people travel to take in the rides and the rodeo. This time, they got to meet a giant dinosaur. While Tyler had to spend his time as a big dino, I had the task of making sure he was safe…And let me tell you, the life of a dinosaur handler isn’t the easiest.

Walking the dino out every day was like walking a lamb into a pack of wolves…to be honest if rather wolves than children 🤔

Things I’ve learned about people during this experience:

  • Adults don’t mind letting their children tackle something as long as they can get a good picture.
  • Children are vicious spawn that feed on the aggravation of anyone currently born before 1995.
  • Foreign families don’t like group pictures, they do however love one photo of each of the 13 people in their party.
  • Drunk white women are pretty much Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men.
  • Many adults still find themselves questioning if an actual dinosaur is walking around…
  • “Gently Pet” is apparently French for “Smack The Hell Out Of It”
  • Teenage boys compete in who can be the biggest asshole competitions with each other. Nobody ever wins, but everyone loses.

Of course the list could go on and on….Also, not everyone is like this, but there’s enough people that are that I can make the assessment.

Our next stop is The North Dakota State Fair, so let’s see if people are a bit kinder in the USA…although most of me thinks I should expect much of the same.

I’ll leave you all with this, if you see a giant walk around character anywhere: Be nice, take your picture, give it a hug and walk away. Trust me, do that and you’ll have a great experience!

Until next time!