I have a confession. I have an Instagram addiction. It started with a few posts here, a few likes there…before I knew it I was uploading 5-6 pictures a day. But it’s like my addiction to nachos and beer in that perfectly okay with it and hope it never goes away!

There’s tons of reasons to love Instagram. There are hot bodies, adorable animals, breathtaking landscapes, and above all else an avalanche of unnecessary selfies. (The latter I find myself guilty of on a pretty much daily basis.) But my true favorite thing to look at are adorable gay couples.

Neil Patrick Harris’ family might have been a gateway addiction to it. But I found so many more and I’d always wanted to do it.

So it was the other day, I was sending Tyler a pic of us from our day at the Calgary Stampede and he said, “Why don’t we start a couple’s Instagram.” The sheer joy at the Pandora’s box he just opened…😱😱😱

So with that being said, you’re welcome to check out our Instagram HERE!

Also check us out on Instagram: METYLER

Until next time guys and gals!