Look at that smile, and that nipple!
What’s good everyone?! For those of you that are just finding this blog, I’m Joey Mayberry and I’ve been quite literally everything. You might find yourself asking, “What do you mean by everything?” Well, allow me to give you an overview of just that.

I discovered acting my sophomore year of high school after a childhood of my parents desperately trying to make into an athlete. I did wrestling in high school to minimal success and my parents forced me to play football, which I had nothing but pure distain for. By my senior year of high school I had written my high school’s main stage play and found myself on a one way track to college to earn a theatre degree.

I went to Limestone College in Gaffney, SC, had a great time, earned my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and racked up thousands of dollars in student loan debt that my great grandchildren will be paying off for me.

After college I made my way to Walt Disney World to intern as part of their Disney College Program. I ended up spending 2yrs with the company. I got to open up New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom as well as close The Backlands of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

My time in Disney Parks Research

During my tenure at Disney I decided to pursue a dream of mine: professional wrestling. I began training at Team Vision Dojo in Orlando, FL in March of 2013. By December of that year, I was stepping into the ring for my first match with I Believe In Wrestling. I spent a good 4yrs in the ring traveling around FL. But I missed my true passion: acting.

My time in The Trailer Park Nation at Full Impact Pro Wrestling

It was in 2015 that I landed a position with The Murder Mystery Company. Since then I’ve worked all over the US at private events, murdering various people in the most hilarious way possible.

Detective Peter Ness with The Murder Mystery Company

Next stop for me was landing a job at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. I was a part of the American Werewolf in London house at HHN25. That’s where I met Tyler, the love of my life. After HHN ended we decided that next year to move to Chicago, IL.

Cuddles! My wonderful werewolf puppet during HHN!
Tyler and I ❤️

After getting to Chicago I found a new passion, which is stand-up comedy. Currently I’m scouring the city for opportunities as well as creating some through an improv partnership with The Comedy Clubhouse.

What am I doing now though? I’m currently on a tour with Tyler and we’re presenting a giant walk around dinosaur at some of the largest state fairs in the world.

Rexi, our dino BFF!

So there you have it, a bit of a history of me! Stay tuned for more on this blog as I write up about more adventures as well as my love of all things nerdy and fun!

Peace, Love and Southern Charm,